ueber mich

About me

My name is Barbara Schaerz. I am the founder and managing director of Funeral Planning in Rapperswil SG.

I grew up in Zollikofen near Bern. I have remained true to my dialect to this day, even if love lured me to Rapperswil many years ago.

After completing a commercial apprenticeship, I expanded my English skills in the USA, which was a second home for me for a long time. After my return to Switzerland, I continued my education in economics. Since then, the English language has always accompanied me in my professional life – there was a very intense time as I was travelling in different countries for various international projects. Among other things, I worked for a telecommunications provider in London, where I was able to contribute to a multinational project as a Swiss representative.

Theory and Practice

My time at a Swissair subsidiary turned out to be decisive. There, I was responsible for controlling in Zurich. To this day, I have not forgotten the day when the two planes flew into the Twin Towers, and we had to look for several employees in New York. We then dissolved the predecessor of Swiss with the liquidation team. I was the second to last employee to leave Swissair. What I learned there: Theory and practice of how a company is dissolved are, in reality, two different things. Existential fears surfaced because you never knew whether your salary was still going to be paid out or not.

During my post-Swissair time, I worked as Head of Controlling for various companies, including in the healthcare sector. I have been able to gain valuable experience in this industry for years. Including unpleasant experience: After I was allowed to (or rather: had to) witness various reorganizations, I decided to take the step into self-employment. But why funeral planning?

The decisive factors for this decision were my international experience as well as deaths in my family and among friends. The ability to adapt quickly to new situations and to help people empathetically in difficult situations is certainly one of my strengths. Allow me to prove it to you.

I look forward to meeting you.

ueber mich

Barbara Schaerz

+41 (0)79 884 15 62