Funeral Planning is there for you throughout Switzerland before, during  and after a death. As a matter of course, I provide my services at your home.

In the event of a death, I see myself as the link between you, the funeral home, and all other necessary agencies.

I have seen in my own family that answering questions ahead of time makes it much easier to focus on grief and cope with bereavement.

Self-determined advance planning
Sometimes time just passes too quickly. Therefore you should put your wishes and provisions in writing. Funeral planning supports people who want to get a personal overview and bring their things in order. A detailed document (self-determining advance planning) is available for this purpose. If you wish, you can store it electronically at Funeral Planning.

I support relatives who are confronted with a death in organizing the funeral. I recommend that you contact me immediately after learning of the death. In this difficult phase, I can relieve you of organizing the funeral, and you can always count on me.

After a funeral, the estate must be distributed. In consultation and close cooperation with the bereaved, I take on specific assignments. My experience is very broad – for example, I can sell the vehicle fleet, take care of the dissolution of the household, terminate contracts, and much more.

Advance disposition (Vorsorgeauftrag)
I also offer independent advice on the advance directive. I will make sure you have the correct documents for the event of loss of decision-making capacity. Unfortunately, loss of decision-making capacity (illness, accident, dementia) can occur at any time. In the case of one client, I saw how quickly it can happen: A person had a serious accident less than twelve hours after drawing up the advance directive, and had to present the advance directive. This case made me even more aware of how quickly life can change.

You can contact me at any time for a non-binding conversation (German or English). Funeral Planning provides its services within Switzerland.


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