“Death is not the end of life, it is the beginning of an eternal journey.”

Advise on self-determinated advance planning
It comes in its own time. Although one’s own death can be a difficult topic, it is better to approach it early – so that the resulting steps are taken according to your wishes. Your planning can also help your family and loved ones at a time when they are under great emotional strain and pressure to make many decisions.

Organisational support in the event of death
We provide assistance in event of death to your family or friends and are offering three special packages for companies. What happens, when an employee dies? Furthermore we support you as well after a death with all the necessary administration. (E.G, health insurance, rental agreement, dissolve domestic home etc.)

Who decides for you when you can’t? If you are suddenly incapable of making your own decisions due to an accident, illness or dementia, you need to have a signed “Vorsorgeauftrag” (advance disposition) in place and as well the living will. And this concerns everybody, local and expat, living in Switzerland.

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It’s never too early to think ahead.